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Do you remember when you first bought furniture for your son’s or daughter’s bedroom? Chances are it was when they were very young, and now, only a few years later, they’re teenagers!  And somehow with all the wear and all the years, the room is looking drab and no longer reflecting the child that resides there. Time to update.

I believe that a good time to update your teenager’s bedroom is between the ages of 14 & 16.  The trick is, to decorate the room so that it reflects’s your child’s current personality, AND still be appropriate (with economical and minor changes) as a guest bedroom when the child leaves for college.  That was one of the requirements on this “Artsy Teen Bedroom” project.

A poster of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn was the inspiration for this artsy teen bedroom.   The print holds a personal meaning for the teen girl that lives here, who is a talented musician.  Her criteria was simple…a room that was uncluttered and “artsy”…and one that promoted and encouraged her talent.



A desk was not important to this teen, instead, a console where to place her turn-table was a must.  We hung 4 album covers that she can change every so often with albums that hold special meaning for her.  The ones shown are ones that I selected for aesthetic purposes only.  I have to say it was a bit weird shopping for old-school record albums to give to a young teenager!  Just goes to show…a classic is always a classic!


Two chairs for hanging with the bff.


Hope I’ve inspired!

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