The Perfect Beach House

The Condo (34)_edited

With all the triple digit temperatures we’ve been having in Dallas lately, I’m definitely making plans for an overdue visit back home:  Miami.  While there, I will surely stay a few days at my sister’s beach condo in Bonita Springs on the west coast of Florida.  Back in 2010, when she bought the condo, I spent a week with her shopping and helping her decorate, with a definite beach house feel.

dorsch interiors

Since then, she has gradually added her special touches.  It’s THOSE touches that make this the Perfect Beach House!  My sister’s attention to detail and desire to make her guests as comfortable as possible, are unparalleled to none!  Here’s what I’m talking about…

Assorted beach towels are always available if you forgot your own, use as many as you need!  Of course there are also complimentary beach sandals and assorted water toys and beach bags you can use!

In the guest bathroom, she has cleverly used this small bench/stool to hold extra rolls of toilet paper and the required reading material found in all well-stocked bathrooms.

But that’s not all you’ll find in the guest bath.  The cabinet is fully stocked with basic (and not so basic) items you might have forgotten you needed.  Everything from toothbrushes to sun lotion.

Here’s a beach accessory that most of us neglect to remember.  But my sis has got you covered!  Assorted hats for guests to safely enjoy those long days of the beautiful Florida west coast sun.

And while you’re enjoying those long strolls in the beach, go ahead and pick a few of the millions of sea shells littering the sands.  Back at the Perfect Beach House, she has on display a token box for you to put them in as a delightful memory of your stay there.

 There are assorted magazines in various interests…

Do you need to work a little during your stay?  No problem, she’s got that covered too!

Since 2010, she has filled the condo with many personal accessories and decorations.  Some she’s had for years and have wonderful memories.  Others, she’s found locally at thrift and antique shops like this canvass art from a local artist.

bonita (2)_edited

bonita (1)_edited

The guest bedroom has 2 twin beds making it very versatile.  Sometimes, she’ll place the 2 beds together with a foam topper to make a king size.  Both guest and master exude tranquility and comfort.

bonita (3)_edited


The screened patio overlooks the pool area where you can sit and people watch as you sip your margarita.

bonita (4)_edited

The Condo (34)_edited
FLJune 2013 (38)_edited

I can’t get there fast enough!

Hope I’ve Inspired!

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