It was a shock. To think I had some of those things and how they were placed in my house... the way my pictures were displayed on the walls and in the bookcase. I enjoy going home and just sitting and looking around at everything. It is the best thing anyone could do for themselves.
Becki - Burlington, NC

...Alba, you took the time to find out about our life style and did not decorate for your taste but ours! I first noticed the room arrangement and then the new pillows. I understand how the homeowners on decorating shows feel...you don't know where to look next, I really love it!
Sherie - McKinney, TX

...My mom and I painted yesterday. AND IT LOOKS WONDERFUL! We completed the front sitting room in the three shades of green (the pillars look amazing). Next we started the living room in the Yellow/Gold color. It was a great surprise for my husbands birthday. Thanks for your guidance and expertise.
Lorie - Murphy, TX

I just wanted to let you know that my parents recently visited us and were very impressed with the results of the "room makeover" at our home.....We are continuing to enjoy our "new" rooms. (and my younger daughter still begs for the opportunity to have her bedroom "designed").
Barbara - Dallas, TX

Mom's apartment looks great! Matter of fact, the employees are coming by oohing and ahing. One even asked if she could take pictures. Wow! You're good! Thanks so much for all of your hard work!
Julia - Frisco, TX