Area Rug Trends

Last week I stopped in at Capel Rugs.  For a long time, Capel has been one of my favorite Dallas-area retail suppliers of area rugs.  They have everything from reasonably priced machine made rugs, to exquisite hand knotted masterpieces.  But the best part, is that the rugs are all hanging instead of laying one on top of the other on the floor.  I can take my time and flip through the selections at my own pace.  Once I want to see one on the floor, the staff is fast and accommodating.

I loved seeing all the new arrivals.  Here’s a few of what I saw.

Yellow and gray, one of my favorite combinations, continues to be popular in home decor.

New Image

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2015 Color of the Year

Every year during this time the three “Giants of Color” announce their picks for Color of the Year.   These colors will aide the design industry, the fashion industry, the floral industry and many other consumer-oriented companies to guide their designs and planning for future products.  This year the 2015 colors are:

PANTONE: Marsala 18-11438


“Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors. Continue reading…

Sherwin Williams Colormix 2015 at Dallas Market Center

On September 23, Sherwin Williams and 10 Sponsors presented the design community with a special color forecast event: Colormix 2015

Hundreds of designers showed up for the event at Dallas Market Center.  The speaker was Jackie L Jordan, Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin Williams.  Wine was served as the guests mingled and viewed several stunning vignettes from select showrooms, then a sit-down lunch followed by the presentation. 3 (Copy)

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Trend Alert: Gold Rush

The gold rush is on!   But don’t worry,  this is not that old gold of the 80’s that immediately pops to mind.  Today, brushed gold and matte finishes create a softer look.  And it’s showing up everywhere, specially home decor.  So if you prefer gold to silver you’ll love the images to follow…

gold - jessicamcintyreinteriors

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Trend Alert – Patio String Lights

Soon, it’ll be time once again to enjoy the outdoors, at least more frequently than in these current 105 degree Dallas days!  Next month is September with promises of cooler temperatures.  A wonderful time of year to enjoy dining and drinking under the stars.

This year, why not try a little mood lighting?

String lights are most popular during the Christmas holidays, but they can be used year round.  In Europe, they’re commonplace in many gardens and patios.  They’re an economical and not-permanent lighting option that is more about “mood” than about light.

You certainly don’t want to go overboard like you would at Christmas, but go ahead and border the perimeter or outline your overhang.  It’ll transform your outdoor space to a magical place.

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Blue Accents

The color blue is one of the most popular colors today.

In fact, it’s been a popular favorite for many years.  It can be found everywhere!…in fashion, bedding, art,  and of course everything that is home decor.

Here are a few pictures of a recently completed project where blue played a key role.

Accents in soft shades of robin’s egg blue  provide an updated feel to a traditional decor.

The shade of blue I used was inspired by the area rug.  What’s wonderful about this room is that, if the homeowner wanted to freshen the look after a few years, she could simply replace the blue items with another color in the rug …and get a totally different look.

For now, though, this elegantly casual room is loving the BLUE!

Hope I’ve inspired.


Trend Alert: Monograms

Monograms are personal signatures that have been around since 350BC.  It’s a form of personalization that continues to be extremely popular.  I absolutely love them, but I think they should be used sparingly for major impact.  Although, today you can monogram just about anything, here are some of MY favorite items to stamp as your own…

Towels.  This is one of those small details that makes a huge difference…making you feel special on a daily basis.

And what guest would not feel special to use a towel that has been placed there specially for them!

I don’t actually use a bath robe, but if I did, I would definitely get it personalized.  I think it would make me feel like if I was on vacation every day!

Furniture is another popular item for monograms.  But again, restraint is important.  You don’t want to overdo it.  I love this iron bed below with a single initial monogram.  It’s simple, classic and elegant.

Pillows are the perfect venue…and I’m particularly partial to monogrammed dining chairs.  SO elegant!

One of the most versatile items to personalize is the drinking glass, especially if you entertain.  But also, they’re perfect as gifts for ANY occasion.

…and you can serve the drinks with personalized napkins.

Here are the basics of 3 initial monograms:

The three-initial monogram is probably the most common format in use today. Typically, the last name initial is placed in a large type at the center of the monogram, flanked by the first and middle initials in a smaller type. For example, a monogram for Jane Marie Doe would read as follows: jDm. This is generally referred to as the Victorian format.
Another format for 3 initial monograms is using all capitals.  In this case, the first name, middle name, last name initials are placed in order using the same size font for all three letters. Example: Jane Marie Doe is JMD

Of course, these are just guidelines, part of the fun is creating a unique look that is all your own.

I have to say though, that my favorite item to monogram are note cards.

This one below is my current note card.  My sister bought them for me as a gift and I absolutely love them.  Probably cause it has an animal print (which I also love in moderation), and because it came from her!

Inside THIS particular note card I’ve written…

Thank you to all of you…my dear clients, for your continued support of my talents!

Till Next Time,