Western Chic in Texas

Princeton is a small city located around 50 miles northeast of Dallas with a population of around 7800. Surrounded by the rural Texas countryside, many people in Princeton take their Tex-Western decor seriously.

So when this family decided to decorate, the challenge was to avoid the standard “Western” decor and create a fresher, more updated Western-Chic.


Gray continues to be the perfect neutral for a transitional decor.  Here it serves as the backdrop on the walls and repeated again in the furniture and rug. Continue reading…

The Home of An Artist

When you decorate the home of an artist, the traditional design rules become more nebulous, and you become more open to exploring the bohemian.  At least that was the case with this artistic home of a dear client.

Like me, red is her favorite color, so it’s no surprise that she chose these 2 canvases from her many originals to display in her main living area.


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50 Shades of White

A white room is indeed a luxury.  It’s also the ultimate in sophistication!  Unfortunately it does come with practical limitations, but if your circumstances allow you to surround yourself in white, you are indeed fortunate.

Hoang Afters (6)_edited (Copy)

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A Dining Room – Limited Investment, Huge Results

When my dear client asked me to revitalize her formal dining space, her requirements were simple…

We were to use the existing furniture  and a few art pieces that were important to her.  The room needed to look well put-together and feel comfortable and inviting.  But mostly, she wanted to display a variety of family pictures that she had gathered specifically for the room.

The dining room BEFORE

These goals were accomplished beautifully with the additions of a few key items. Continue reading…