A Tranquil Master Bedroom

If you want a master bedroom that is calm, fresh, and relaxing, consider using a cool color pallet.  Blues and greens have a calming affect that are perfect for bedrooms, like in this recent project for a deserving couple of two rambunctious boys.


Before the transformation, the bedroom had a warmer color pallet of golds, browns and burgundy. Continue reading…

Artsy Teen Bedroom

New Image

Do you remember when you first bought furniture for your son’s or daughter’s bedroom? Chances are it was when they were very young, and now, only a few years later, they’re teenagers!  And somehow with all the wear and all the years, the room is looking drab and no longer reflecting the child that resides there. Time to update.

I believe that a good time to update your teenager’s bedroom is between the ages of 14 & 16.  The trick is, to decorate the room so that it reflects’s your child’s current personality, AND still be appropriate (with economical and minor changes) as a guest bedroom when the child leaves for college.  That was one of the requirements on this “Artsy Teen Bedroom” project.

A poster of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn was the inspiration for this artsy teen bedroom.   The print holds a personal meaning for the teen girl that lives here, who is a talented musician.  Her criteria was simple…a room that was uncluttered and “artsy”…and one that promoted and encouraged her talent.


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Accesorizing a Master Bedroom

A room is not complete without the final touches, because it’s those final details, the accessorizing, that give character and life to the room.  It’s also what makes a room feel “complete”, as was the case with this McKinney master bedroom.

wall (2) (Copy)

Everything was there for a functional bedroom, what took it over the top was the accessorizing.  A few specifically chosen, strategically placed accessories that made a big difference. Continue reading…

A Light & Airy Apartment

We recently completed this 2-bedroom Carrollton apartment for a spunky Houston grandmother, whose grandchildren live here in Dallas.  With weekend trips becoming more the norm than the exception, Mrs. B  decided it was time for a “home-away-from-home apartment”.


Back in Houston, Mrs B lives in a home that is decorated in an ultra traditional style…with large leather sofas and wrought iron accents.  In contrast, she wanted her Carrollton apartment to be light, airy and subtly feminine.  It also needed to be durable and practical for entertaining her many kids and grand-kids. Continue reading…

Luxurious Bedding

Today, I installed this stunning master bedroom bedding for a dear client who is NOT afraid of pattern!
We custom-designed the bedding  incorporating 5 different fabrics.   And while they are all different, they all work together to create a beautiful and dramatic feel as you enter the room.

Hodge 5

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A Calming Master Bedroom

Last week I got back from a wonderful visit home…Miami.  The best part of this visit was getting to redecorate, with my twin sister, her master bedroom.

They live in a small 990 square feet house, so the master bedroom is tiny by today’s standards.  But for my sister, it’s this quaint charm that she loves.  Our goal was to make the bedroom feel more calm, not so chaotic…in three days.


 We were both very pleased with the results… Continue reading…

A Bedroom: Before & After

I have found that, for one reason or another, a LOT of you possess “aged” bedroom furniture that…you simply can’t get rid of.  Usually antiques, outdated or just plain old, this furniture dates the room.  And most of us are NOT inspired to decorate using “old” furniture.…so the room is often neglected!


But even though the furniture is antiques, outdated or just plain old, there ARE ways to totally update the room…and still keep the “old” furniture.  So no more excuses…

 This room I just completed for a dear client.  They were NOT interested in getting rid of their existing furniture, but they STILL wanted to update their bedroom.  They wanted the room to be “calming” and blue….(it seems many clients are wanting shades of blue these days)…anyway, they are very pleased with the end results…

 Here are the key items on which to focus:

  • First, we rearranged the furniture.  Primarily to give the room new energy.  Don’t be afraid to try different configurations.  You won’t know what works until you see it arranged.
  • Next we chose new bedding.  The bedding is an important decor element.  The client purchased this bedding because she loved it.  It became our inspiration piece and the basis for our color scheme.
  • Then we chose the wall color to compliment the bedding.  
  • Now the window treatments…to compliment the edding and the wall color. 
  • Finally the art and accessories …everything working in harmony within the color scheme. 

By staying within the color scheme, we are able to mix contemporary fabrics and art along with the more traditional patterns of the bedding and furniture.  Incorporating contemporary items is what helps update the room.

My client’s wedding dress.  Her daughter wore it on HER wedding day too.  Isn’t that a wonderful story?  That’s the best part of my job…getting to meet great people with wonderful stories like that.

Hope I’ve  inspired you.

Till next time,



A Bedroom Retreat

Lately, I’ve been having amazing fun planning and shopping and executing the design of a Master Bedroom.  It’s now complete, and best of all, my client is thrilled with the end results.

We started out with a room that had been furnished with unrelated and inherited items.

Her requests were clear.  Everything would go.

Instead, she wanted a room that felt tranquil, calm, and organized…simple and classic. It needed to have comfortable seating for reading…and a fireplace.

Here’s what turned up…


First, we painted 2 walls in a beautiful gray blue.  Painting all 4 walls in the blue would have been too “cold”, so we used 2 colors.  The other 2 walls, and the ceiling, were painted in a warmer “Latte” color.  This set the tone for our entire color scheme.

Sherwin Williams “Bracing Blue” #SW6242
Sherwin Williams “Latte” #SW6108

We installed new carpet in a basket weave pattern.  Plantation shutters give the windows a “finished” look without the use of fabric.


Because we kept to a simple color scheme (blue and neutrals), we needed to bring in lots of texture and patterns.

I’ve had a great time completing this room.  It looks great, but most importantly, we met all the homeowner’s requirements.  I hope this room has inspired you to create interiors for yourself that are functional as well as beautiful.

Till next time,