A Bedroom Retreat

Lately, I’ve been having amazing fun planning and shopping and executing the design of a Master Bedroom.  It’s now complete, and best of all, my client is thrilled with the end results.

We started out with a room that had been furnished with unrelated and inherited items.

Her requests were clear.  Everything would go.

Instead, she wanted a room that felt tranquil, calm, and organized…simple and classic. It needed to have comfortable seating for reading…and a fireplace.

Here’s what turned up…


First, we painted 2 walls in a beautiful gray blue.  Painting all 4 walls in the blue would have been too “cold”, so we used 2 colors.  The other 2 walls, and the ceiling, were painted in a warmer “Latte” color.  This set the tone for our entire color scheme.

Sherwin Williams “Bracing Blue” #SW6242
Sherwin Williams “Latte” #SW6108

We installed new carpet in a basket weave pattern.  Plantation shutters give the windows a “finished” look without the use of fabric.


Because we kept to a simple color scheme (blue and neutrals), we needed to bring in lots of texture and patterns.

I’ve had a great time completing this room.  It looks great, but most importantly, we met all the homeowner’s requirements.  I hope this room has inspired you to create interiors for yourself that are functional as well as beautiful.

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Buying Lamps

According to Home Accents Today, a trade magazine for the home accents industry, here are some of today’s top lamp design styles and trends.  The top 3 styles can be found in My Newsletter. To Subscribe Click Here

A Shore Thing:  Designs that convey the essence of the shore with materials like coral and mother of pearl. 



 Drums:  Drum shades are  showing up in styles from Traditional to Contemporary.

 Lacquer It Up:  Simple ceramic is transformed with bright colors in glossy lacquer.


Crystal Clear:  Designs in glass are not new, but this material continues to grow in popularity, appearing in simple, classic shapes.



If you haven’t changed your lamps in the last 10 years, I encourage you to invest in new ones….it’s a simple way to step it up a notch.

A lamps is a perfect accessory. They’re economical, yet they make a huge impact…and the variety!  There are hundreds of lamps to choose from, which is probably why many of you have such a confusing time finding the right lamp.So before you go shopping for new lamps, ask yourself these questions.  The answers will help you get the perfect lamp for you.

 1. How tall or short do you need the lamp to be?  Decide this first.  That way, when you’re shopping, you can quickly scan the variety and concentrate only on those that meet the height requirement.

 2. What size should the base be?  Decide if you want a base that is on the large side, a standard size base, or a buffett style (tall and skinny).

 3. Consider the color of the shade.   Black or dark shades don’t allow as much light as a lighter color.  Consider the lamp’s function in choosing the shade.

 4. Color and Style.  Once you know the desired height and size of the lamp you need, you can have fun choosing the color and style that will compliment your decor.  


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Bedroom Update for $500

Recently, one of my favorite clients asked me to “spruce-up” her daughter’s bedroom on a tight $500 budget.

Her daughter lives in New York and was coming home for Christmas.  She was to stay, of course, in her childhood bedroom….a bedroom that still looked like it did when she was in highschool!  

For many of you that’s a familiar story.  Think about it…how long has it been since YOU changed the bedroom decor? 

But, CAN you transform a bedroom for only $500? 

You Sure Can!  

If you have the furniture basics (bed, nightstands, chest), $500 can go a long way in making the room updated and stylish. To do that, you need to concentrate on the 5 key items that give you the greatest impact.  I suggest you follow these in order.  


 New Bedding  

This is the FIRST item to look for.  You MUST get new bedding if you want a big transformation. Shop around and find something you like, and don’t be affraid to try something you wouldn’t ordinarily buy…think outside the box.   


 Window Treatments  

There are hundreds of ready-made window treatments to choose from.  So if you have a window in the bedroom, put up NEW treatments.  Oftentimes, simple panels are all you need to make a huge difference.  Purchase panels that compliment your new bedding.  As a very general rule, if your bedding is heavy on pattern, it’s best to choose solid panels.  And give some attention to the hardware (rod, finials and brackets). They also play a big part in the overall look of the room. 


New Art

Even if you have  existing art, GET NEW ART.  Art can be found economically in a variety of places, and it provides major impact.  The new art should compliment the new bedding.  Don’t be affraid to Go BIG on the art. Bigger art = bigger impact.



 Paint The Walls 

Paint, by far, will be your biggest contributor in transforming the look and feel of any room.  I strongly recommend that you paint as part of the makeover plan. Choose a color that compliments the new bedding. Again, step outside your comfort zone…its only paint!  And don’t forget the ceiling..its just another wall.  


 New Lamps  

While not absolutely necessary, if the budget allows, adding new lamps can make a real difference.  They are the jewelry of the room. Although they don’t have to match, they should be the same in scale.  

A $500 bedroom makeover is the perfect project.  It’s economical, it’s easy…only 5 simple guidelines…and it’s fast!  I hope I’ve inspired you to “spruce up” your home and wish you lots of fun decorating! 

Of course, if you find you need a little assistance, we’d love to help. Visit my website at

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Flying Club’s Holiday Party

I always enjoy visiting Garry’s hangar.  Garry is our club’s president and host of the

 North Texas Flying Club’s Holiday Party.


My Upside-Down Christmas Tree


Last year, I started my OWN tradition…

 I hung the tree from the ceiling.

Oh, I know this is not the “traditional” thing to do, but after years of collecting Christmas ornaments and hanging the same ones on the tree each December, I wanted something a little different.  I wanted to start my OWN tradition.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll NEVER give up my collected ornaments.  They each have a memory and a special place in my heart.  But when I look at this new vision hanging in my living room, the thrill, excitement and pure joy is totally exhilarating!  It gives the room a happy feeling…and isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

I wanted something different, so I decided to change the color scheme to only silver and white.  For that, I needed all new  decorations…on a budget! 

I bought poinsettias in bunches and cut each flower stem individually, then inserted them randomly throughout the tree.   I used both silver and white poinsettias.

I hung icicle garland.  All other ornaments are an assortment of balls and tear dorps...except for ONE…

…another special ornament to add to my collection. 


I kept the table centerpiece simple and classic:  Silver candle holders  surrounded by small unaddorned wreaths. 


 When I hung my tree last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But I certainly didn’t expect this….



As it turns out, my kids love the tree, as do I.  And it brings a smile to everyone who enters my home.  Christmas doesn’t get better than that!

Merry Christmas!


A Simply Classic Christmas


When my client and dear friend Sandy asked me to help her decorate her Austin home for the holidays , I was thrilled!  And although I had never done Christmas decor for her, I just KNEW that it could be nothing less than classic.

And it was.

The 12′ Christmas tree was story book perfect.  Classic garlands, ribbons and ornaments in coppers, golds and just the right amount of red. 

 And what could be more classic than carolers.  Sandy has collected Byer’s Choice carolers for years and has a collection TOO large to display in only one area.  Above, the “Piano Room” is reminiscent of a Dickens Christmas.


 On the buffet, the “Family Gathers at Grandma’s”.

And below, “Celebrating a White Christmas”.


For many, the nativity scene is the very essence of the holiday season.  This one belongs to me.  Back in 1992, I patiently hand painted and antiqued each piece.  I also built the manger out of plywood and tree trunks and bark from my back yard (I was living in North Carolina at the time). 

This year, MY Christmas decor is less traditional (I’ll tell you about that next blog), so I asked Sandy if she would display the manger in her home this year.  She happily agreed….and I just couldn’t be more thrilled.  Thanks Sandy. 

 My nativity scene sits beneath the Family Room tree. 


I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.

  ~Charles Dickens

Merry Christmas,



3 Dimensional Art

La Montage, in Lewisville Texas, is an art supplier to the design trade.  Their staff includes several artists, each creating great one-of-a-kind pieces of art using various mediums.   

Recently, they hosted our Interior Design Society meeting.  During that visit, it became apparent to me that…

3 dimensional art has a big following, and continues to gain popularity.  

We’re not talking subtle art here!   These are WOW pieces.  Unlike their more traditional canvas cousins, 3 dimensional art is physical and can possess a multitude of textures.  So for those of you who want to push the envelope, here are a few suggestions…

   Isn’t this pretty?   The beauty of this “fan art” is that it  is so versatile. It would work perfectly in both traditional and contemporary decors.


I don’t know what the artist called this one, but I call it “Bird in a Cage”.  A filigree frame creates the 3 dimensional affect in this stunning piece.

This “basket piece” is one of my favorites!  Although you should know that this picture doesn’t do it justice.

This type of art is also a great venue for your memorabilia….anything from an old hat to wedding pictures.   Of course you always run the risk of it looking like a craft project, but if done by an artist, they can look like classic works of art. 

So don’t be affraid to go bold with your art and embrace new and creative options.

If you’re looking to purchase 3 dimensional art,

or ANY type of art, send me an email at

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Decorating Your Work Office

Your environment plays a HUGE part on how you feel.  So, it’s logical that your work environment plays a huge part on your productivity.

With that in mind, it’s to your benefit that your work environment, whether it’s a home office or a cubicle in the corporate world, be both calming AND motivating.  Here are a few ways to accomplish just that.


Wall Color

Color is subjective.  Therefore, our reaction to color is variable and hard to define. So in choosing wall colors for an office environment, it’s best to concentrate on whether to use “warm” colors or “cool” colors and how each pallet makes you “feel”.

Warm Colors:  yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens, orangy reds

Cool Colors: blues, greens, pinks, purples, blue-greens, magentas, and blue-based reds.

 As a general rule, Cool colors are best for office environments.  This is because cool colors have a more “calming” affect than warm colors, which are more energizing and evoke excitement.

 Generally, most of us who work in an office are most productive in calm and tranquil surroundings.  So when deciding on a wall color for your office environment, choose a cool color for the wall, and add splashes of warm colors as accents in the art, accessories and window treatments.  

ArtThe art on your office walls should be inspirational.  Do NOT underestimate the importance of this!  So what inspires YOU?…family pictures, vacation posters, water color scenes, a picture of that new car you want… Whatever it is, THAT is what should be on your walls.

If hanging posters, don’t just tack them on the wall.  Invest in a poster frame, they’re inexpensive and give importance to the poster AND the inspiration it represents.

Diplomas and Certificates are the epitome of inspiration.  You worked hard to get them, so showcase them properly by framing them with matted frames.  If you have more than one, hang them together as a set instead of scattered on different walls.

If you regularly host customers or clients in your office, include art that will help to motivate THEM to buy from you. 


Eliminate Clutter

Let’s be honest here….it doesn’t matter HOW calming the color we paint our office walls is…if the office is cluttered, we’re going to feel chaotic.  Chaos takes a huge toll on productivity.

I know that it can be challenging to stay on top of the paper mess, and once it’s out-of-hand, it’s quite overwhelming, so I recommend that you invest a few hours to de-clutter and then make it a concious habit to stay on top of it!

If organization is not your forte, there are Professional Organizers that are excellent at helping you with ideas and suggestions to keep your office clear of clutter and organized. The investment is well worth it.  I know of one who is awesome. Send me an email and I’d be happy to share her information.


I’m always amazed at how little attention people place on lighting.  Often, I’ll go into a home and the only light in the room is a ceiling fan.  Lighting is a HUGE part of good décor, and in an office it’s not only good décor, it’s critical for maximum productivity.

Lighting, as a general rule, should be placed throughout the room in a triangular pattern, which means at least 3 sources of light.  This will insure that ALL areas of the space can be well lit when necessary.

Natural light is always best. If you have a window in your office, place your desk and chair parallel to the window if possible.  This will allow you to take advantage of the natural light but not get the reflection on the computer screen as you would with your back to the window.

A desk lamp is a wonderful way to insure good task lighting, with or without a window.  


The thing about greenery is that…unless you’ve had it…you don’t really know you’re missing it!  Plants bring the outdoors inside.  They evoke a feeling of tranquility and being with nature…  “A few plants could have a large effect on worker happiness, according to the study led by Tina Cade, an associate professor of horticulture at Texas State University, and Andrea Dravigne of the San Marcos Nature Center.”

Don’t get hung up on having “fake” plants.  Today’s silk foliage looks just like the real thing.  So if you don’t have a green thumb, get silks.  They provide the same “good feeling” benefits that live plants do.

If you DO have a green thumb, live plants are even better, in the sense that they not only look good but also reduce air pollutants.  For a list of the best plants for this, Visit This Site

You don’t have to overdo it on the plants, but one or two, strategically placed, can make a big difference in the mood of all who enter.


A mind always employed is always happy.  This is the true secret, the grand recipe, for felicity. 

  ~Thomas Jefferson

 Until next time,