Dec / 17

My Upside-Down Christmas Tree

For the past 6 years I’ve been hanging our tree upside-down from the ceiling.  And while I acknowledge that it’s not for everyone, everyone always smiles when they see it.  And isn’t that what Christmas is all about?  My family and I love the way it looks.  But mostly, we love the way it makes our holiday feel…fun, exciting and open to new adventures.

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Dec / 17

Christmas Decorating with Bryer Carolers

Christmas decorating is a big part of the holiday season, with the tree being the indisputable focal point.  But most people don’t stop with just the tree!  There are countless of collectibles available that are festive and fun to collect.

My mom had a collection of Dickens Village.  I have a small collection of nativity scenes, and one of my dearest clients collects Bryer Carolers.  This year I helped her decorate her highrise apartment and couldn’t help cranking up the Christmas music and singing along.

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Nov / 11

Florida Summer Homes

If you’ve lived in South Florida, you’re probably familiar with the “snow birds”.  Every year flocks of Northerners descend by the thousands on the Florida coasts, turning typically sleepy beach towns into vibrant, bustling beach destinations. For many this is an annual migration and most have summer homes ready to inhabit between the months of December through April.

Last August I spent a few days in Bonita Springs located on the west coast. My sister has a condo there so it’s a familiar destination for me.  Bonita is a relatively small beach town with it’s fair share of summer homes. This particular street is lined with Royal Palms and flanked on both sides with amazing Florida homes, each as unique as the next one.  Some have permanent residents, but most are boarded up and serve as the summer homes of the snow birds!  I share with you some of my favorites.

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Nov / 04

When To Invest and When To Skimp

When decorating your home, you will always have a multitude of options no matter what it is you’re needing.  Most products come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and price.  So which one do you get?

I have heard it said in the design industry that, “You never want to skimp on what you sit on, what you walk on or what you sleep on.”  A general statement, but certainly an accurate one.  Here’s a list of my recommendations for when to invest , and when to skimp.

Invest In:

Seating Furniture That Is Used Daily


When it comes to seating furniture, especially those you use daily, quality does make a difference.  So do invest in the best quality your budget will allow.  If you can wait the 6 to 12 weeks, custom ordering upholstered furniture will allow you to choose more durable fabrics, which will hold up longer and are easier to clean.  For daily used furniture, investing in more durable pieces is well worth it in the long run.


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Sep / 25

Sherwin Williams Colormix 2015 at Dallas Market Center

On September 23, Sherwin Williams and 10 Sponsors presented the design community with a special color forecast event: Colormix 2015

Hundreds of designers showed up for the event at Dallas Market Center.  The speaker was Jackie L Jordan, Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin Williams.  Wine was served as the guests mingled and viewed several stunning vignettes from select showrooms, then a sit-down lunch followed by the presentation. 3 (Copy)


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