Gorgeous Coastal Living

While in Rochester NY last week I drove by this gorgeous picturesque scene and just had to turn around for a picture.  I LOVE everything about this coastal home…the immaculately manicured yard, the shingles on the roof, the gray-on-white  color scheme, and more than anything, that view!  And not just from the street, can you imagine the view from that sunroom?



Picture Perfect!


Mid Century Modern Hotel in Oregon

On my trip to Oregon in March, I stayed at the Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites.  It felt a little like staying in a time capsule…in a good way!

The hotel is a retro gem, wonderfully decorated with a mid century modern decor.   It opened originally in 1978, after 35 years it was purchased by new owners, and they have done a great job renovating and updating the comfort and amenities, while retaining it’s very cool mid-century vibe.




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Western Chic in Texas

Princeton is a small city located around 50 miles northeast of Dallas with a population of around 7800. Surrounded by the rural Texas countryside, many people in Princeton take their Tex-Western decor seriously.

So when this family decided to decorate, the challenge was to avoid the standard “Western” decor and create a fresher, more updated Western-Chic.


Gray continues to be the perfect neutral for a transitional decor.  Here it serves as the backdrop on the walls and repeated again in the furniture and rug. Continue reading…

A Tranquil Master Bedroom

If you want a master bedroom that is calm, fresh, and relaxing, consider using a cool color pallet.  Blues and greens have a calming affect that are perfect for bedrooms, like in this recent project for a deserving couple of two rambunctious boys.


Before the transformation, the bedroom had a warmer color pallet of golds, browns and burgundy. Continue reading…

Our Relationship with Stonebridge Ranch

Our relationship with McKinney’s Stonebridge Ranch began in 2009 when Dorsch Interiors was awarded the contract to decorate the Community Association’s Great Room and Community Room. Since then, we’ve worked on enhancing the decor of various areas of the property.  Today the Community Room is again being updated and we are excited to be involved in the process.



The Community Room is a meeting place for residents of Stonebridge Ranch.  It’s used for meetings, parties, baby showers, and other various resident activities.   These activities have been increasing every year and so it’s time for an expansion.

Construction by Bluestone Partners.  Architecture by Conduit Architecture & Design.

The room will be larger and more functional.  It’ll include a coffee bar and a large projection screen, two things that are currently lacking.  The expansion will also accommodate separate restrooms for men and women.  The current room has a single unisex.   New tables and chairs have been custom ordered. The new décor will continue to be in keeping with the look, style and colors of the Great Room, which we completed in 2009. Continue reading…

Artsy Teen Bedroom

New Image

Do you remember when you first bought furniture for your son’s or daughter’s bedroom? Chances are it was when they were very young, and now, only a few years later, they’re teenagers!  And somehow with all the wear and all the years, the room is looking drab and no longer reflecting the child that resides there. Time to update.

I believe that a good time to update your teenager’s bedroom is between the ages of 14 & 16.  The trick is, to decorate the room so that it reflects’s your child’s current personality, AND still be appropriate (with economical and minor changes) as a guest bedroom when the child leaves for college.  That was one of the requirements on this “Artsy Teen Bedroom” project.

A poster of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn was the inspiration for this artsy teen bedroom.   The print holds a personal meaning for the teen girl that lives here, who is a talented musician.  Her criteria was simple…a room that was uncluttered and “artsy”…and one that promoted and encouraged her talent.


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A Master Bath Remodel

A bathroom remodel is not an easy thing to go through.  The mess, the stress, the inconvenience…but in the end, its totally worth it. Especially if you can make it more functional.

In this “before” master bathroom the shower gained several inches of floor space by pushing the wall back into the closet, and that made a huge difference for a more comfortable shower experience.


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The Perfect Beach House

With all the triple digit temperatures we’ve been having in Dallas lately, I’m definitely making plans for an overdue visit back home:  Miami.  While there, I will surely stay a few days at my sister’s beach condo in Bonita Springs on the west coast of Florida.  Back in 2010, when she bought the condo, I spent a week with her shopping and helping her decorate, with a definite beach house feel.

dorsch interiors

Since then, she has gradually added her special touches.  It’s THOSE touches that make this the Perfect Beach House!  My sister’s attention to detail and desire to make her guests as comfortable as possible, are unparalleled to none!  Here’s what I’m talking about… Continue reading…