The Perfect Beach House

With all the triple digit temperatures we’ve been having in Dallas lately, I’m definitely making plans for an overdue visit back home:  Miami.  While there, I will surely stay a few days at my sister’s beach condo in Bonita Springs on the west coast of Florida.  Back in 2010, when she bought the condo, I spent a week with her shopping and helping her decorate, with a definite beach house feel.

dorsch interiors

Since then, she has gradually added her special touches.  It’s THOSE touches that make this the Perfect Beach House!  My sister’s attention to detail and desire to make her guests as comfortable as possible, are unparalleled to none!  Here’s what I’m talking about… Continue reading…

The Home of An Artist

When you decorate the home of an artist, the traditional design rules become more nebulous, and you become more open to exploring the bohemian.  At least that was the case with this artistic home of a dear client.

Like me, red is her favorite color, so it’s no surprise that she chose these 2 canvases from her many originals to display in her main living area.


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Pet Beds For Today’s Home

There is no doubt that our pets are an integral part of our family.  In fact, when I decorate a home with pets, they are always a consideration in the selections we make.  After all, they live there too and  we want them to feel safe and comfortable.

Unfortunately, most pet beds are just plain ugly!  They are necessary items that don’t contribute at all to the home’s decor.  Fortunately, there ARE a few styles out there that are not only comfortable, but also rather stylish… Continue reading…

A Dining Room – Limited Investment, Huge Results

When my dear client asked me to revitalize her formal dining space, her requirements were simple…

We were to use the existing furniture  and a few art pieces that were important to her.  The room needed to look well put-together and feel comfortable and inviting.  But mostly, she wanted to display a variety of family pictures that she had gathered specifically for the room.

The dining room BEFORE

These goals were accomplished beautifully with the additions of a few key items. Continue reading…

The Hanging Chair

The hanging chair is one of those decadent pleasures that most of us never get to enjoy.

I don’t know why they’re not typically considered for indoor decor…they’re comfortable, stylish and just plain fun!  They’re the next best thing to an indoor swing.  So while you may not have considered a hanging chair in the past, here are plenty of reasons to consider them in the future.

The classic acrylic bubble chair.

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A Calming Master Bedroom

Last week I got back from a wonderful visit home…Miami.  The best part of this visit was getting to redecorate, with my twin sister, her master bedroom.

They live in a small 990 square feet house, so the master bedroom is tiny by today’s standards.  But for my sister, it’s this quaint charm that she loves.  Our goal was to make the bedroom feel more calm, not so chaotic…in three days.


 We were both very pleased with the results… Continue reading…

Decorating Around your Flat Screen TV

I have found that one of the biggest decorating challenges is how to decorate around the flat screen TV.

For years now, the TV has been as necessary in the home as a computer or a phone.  And for years now, it continues to be an often unsightly item in any decor!  But there are ways to decorate around it which help to camouflage the big black box and draw the attention away from it.

How you decide to decorate your TV wall will depend on several things…what the TV sits on,  the size of the TV, and the size and shape of the wall.  Here are a few ideas that might inspire you to think outside the box.

Hanging multiple frames is one of the best ways to surround the TV.  The trick is to create a cohesive gallery which includes the TV.   The frames can house family pictures, art, or both.

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My Upside-Down Tree…A peek at my Christmas decor

For the last few years, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with my Christmas decor…forgoing the traditional fare for a more glitzy, and simple Transitional look.   It started 3 years ago with the hanging of my tree, the beginning of a new tradition.  That first year the decor was strictly silver and white, then last year I added chartreuse  to the mix.


This year, I’ve decided to change things up again…I’ve brought out my old, familiar ornaments that I’ve collected throughout the years…and I’ve infused the house with color in the traditional hues of reds, golds, and greens.

 I must say, the room looks totally different. Continue reading…

A Nursery For Triplets

Recently, I had the wonderful privileged of decorating a nursery for Triplets!

Being a multiple myself (I have a twin sister), and having HAD multiples (I have twin girls), this project was dear to my heart.

Mom and Dad decided not to know beforehand what the sexes were, so that meant a neutral color scheme.  Paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling serve as colorful mobiles.  The butterflies and dragonflies were hand painted in colors inspired by the crib bedding from Caden Lane. Continue reading…