Accessorizing the Top of Kitchen Cabinets

I often get asked, “What should I put on top of my kitchen cabinets?”, Almost always I want to say, “Nothing at all!”


Just because it’s a ledge doesn’t mean you have to put something on it. I often see kitchens that display way too many items. It looks busy and chaotic, especially if the items are not “related”.
But I have to say, the worst offense of all, are the green vines across the tops of the cabinets. Using them will certainly date you from the 90’s.  Worst of all, they collect dust and show it…and they look fake!  While I’m not oppose to some “greenery” up there, vines are out.
Most of the time, nothing at all is the best choice.

However, I do acknowledge that done correctly, well placed accessories can add a bit of style to any kitchen. But there are a few guidelines.  First, you should have enough clearance between the cabinet and ceiling to display accessories, at least 20″-24″.  Otherwise they’ll look like you’ve stuffed them in there.

If you’re installing a backsplash, consider tiling the entire wall, including the wall on top of the cabinet.  The tile then becomes the focal point and there is no need to display anything else.

Probably the best solution, if you want to put something up there, is to use the space for storage.  But in order to get away with that, you’ll need to use the same container all the way across the top, making it stylish in addition to functional.

If you display too many different items, it can look cluttered and chaotic.  But a well placed collection of same or similar items can be stunning.

If your collection is limited in number of pieces and you don’t have enough to span the entire width of cabinets, start your placement at the center and work out on both sides.


If you have high ceilings and lots of wall space over your cabinets, you might consider using tall items for better scale.

I also like the use of large letters spelling out words that are important to you and your family.

Here’s an idea that’s a little different; chalkboard paint.  You can write anything from measurement conversions, to often used recipes…or anything at all.

Another treatment is to increase the height of your cabinets using MDF and molding.  It doesn’t give you additional storage, but it does make your cabinets look larger and more custom.

For complete instruction on how to do this DIY project,
Click Here

Framed art; clean and simple. Stay away from photographs or subject matter that is too small to see at that height.

More favorites…classic and simple.

Hope I’ve Inspired!

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